Second post in 2 days?

So yeah, 3 years nothing and now all of sudden 2 posts in 2 days! Nuts right? Well, I have stuff to talk about, so here it goes.

Your TO-DO list when going to a trade show or conference:

You planned (well, I planned) a trip to a conference or a trade show. You’re probably not going for fun only, you’re also going to do business.
Here’s some tips I gathered from colleagues and pro conference goers to keep in mind while planning.

  1. Make sure your business cards stand out.
  2. Demo reels
  3. Freshen up your website
  4. Make appointments with people you want to meet now!
  5. There’s probably going to be more tips but just these for now…

To keep myself from falling in to an essay length post again I’ll cut these up into bite sized portions. Also gives me time to think of something useful to say.

Part 1 – Business Cards:

One of the first tips I got from a Pro Confo Goer was having a business card that stands out. People get so much cards on conferences and trade shows that you’ll have a big chance of ending up on the “Check this later!” pile of cards. What you want is to end up in the “Wow, I’m gonna check this out now!” handful of cards.

How to make your card more of a looker:
This is something I have been pondering about the last few months. Like always I have been drawing away on thinking of something nice to make in to a logo…
The thing is, I’m a musician… I can come up with the perfect music theme for a game but a logo? Thats something completely different.
Of course there are people amongst my colleagues that have a very good and artistic quality when designing a logo for their company, which is good for them! I can safely say that I suck at it!

So after having this little epiphany I decided to let the professionals handle this! It just so happens that I know a couple of people doing very good business when it comes to creating logo’s, branding and so on. Via Pinterest I threw a boatload of stuff at them what I liked and what I think fits me and my business and I can tell you I’m already very excited to see how it will turn out.

If you’re in a same pickle as me when it comes to visual design you might want to give these people a look.
I have decided to walk this path and pay for a custom design. Maybe you have a friend in your network that is a visual designer, game artist or what ever. Maybe even a relative who’s good at this kind of stuff. It’s just that I think sometimes it’s good to know your shortcomings and ask for help.

Next time….Demo Reels!