I just arrived back home in the Netherlands after a week of sheer awesomeness at GDC16 in San Francisco! The amount of people that I have met and the huge number of new friends I have made is mind boggling.

To quote one of my heroes of the week Damian Kastbauer (@lostlab): “Game Audio GDC is a thing!”….and it sure as hell is!

GameAudio - Starting the day at the Sightglass on 7th
(One of our daily get togethers in the morning (7.00 till 9.00 am) before the talks started in The SightGlass Coffee on 7th Street in SF.)

I leave San Francisco with a brain full of knowledge, inspiration and motivation to start using all that I have learned in my projects the coming year and also to keep talking about all that has been said with my fellow game audio brothers and sisters.

I made a ton of notes during all the talks which I would like to share with you. In the coming week I’ll try to consolidate as much thoughts and notes in to “bitesized” blog posts. Sadly it was impossible to go to every talk because of the double roster at the GDC GameAudio Track. I wish I could’ve split myself in 2 at times…

More soon!