So yesterday was THE day! We had our very first Dutch game audio meeting.

Since I’ve started in this industry some 9 years ago I always was on the look out for meetings like this. A group where you could talk and learn from each other, to discus problems and that piece of new gear.
Many years have passed waiting until it was going to happen. It moved a bit to the back of my head, as so many dreams do…waiting to be kindled again to a roaring fire.

Then the day came that I started listening to the “Beards, Cats and Indie Game Audio” podcast (amongst others) where the hosts talked liberally about meetings here and there, episodes recorded in the car while driving to a meeting…
My little “I want a game audio meeting” thoughts started to smoulder again!

After I talked to Matthew Marteinsson, one of the hosts of the podcast, in person at a Dutch indie game festival I was starting to get genuinely jealous of people having the possibility to go to meeting which, in my idea, were being organised left, right and centre.
The smouldering heap of thoughts caught fire and my quest was clear; I’d have to do it myself.

After half a year of planning it finally happened. We had a great time enjoying the lovely soup our host made and talked game audio!

I want to thank my present lovely colleagues for the amazing evening. We all felt like it would have to happen again soon and perhaps even regularly!
We have a fricking nice community!


#gameaudio #4live